What music should you play in-store this Halloween?

What music should you play in-store this Halloween?

I have written a number of articles on using music in-store, to engage and excite customers emotionally, read some of them here.  Today we think about music for Halloween.


What music should you play at Halloween in your stores?  When we are using music to emphasise a season, don’t automatically jump for the first compilation CD.  Remember we are trying to create unique and memorable retail experiences.  Avoid the cliches: Thriller by Michael Jackson, Ghostbusters and The Monster Mash, these will be playing in every store and supermarket repeatedly.  Halloween Sound Effect CDs are widely available, and can help to create an atmosphere – but unfortunately are not necessarily pleasant to listen to.


I have compiled some music that could work for you in your store.  Its relevant to play in and around Halloween, but classy enough to make your store stand out.  NB this playlist will not work for every type of store, but will give you some examples of good music that can be used, that separates you from your competition. I have gone for a jazzy swing approach to Halloween.


If you use iTunes click this link to access the Playlist.

If you use Spotify, use this link to access the Playlist.


Here’s my list if you use neither of these:

  1. That old black magic – David Campbell (Classy swing)
  2. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra (Classy swing)
  3. Moondance – Michael Buble (Keeping the swing theme) or Joe Cocker for the original
  4. I’ve got you under my skin – Frank Sinatra
  5. Bewitched – Frank Sinatra (Quite slow, but topical lyrics)
  6. Smells like teen spirit – Paul Anka (Swing version of Nirvana’s classic)
  7. Fever – Michael Buble
  8. Witchcraft – David Campbell (An original take on this swing classic)
  9. Devil Woman – Cliff Richard (Something a little more up tempo to break it up)
  10. The lovecats – The Cure
  11. Ding dong the witch is dead – Glee Cast (Swing feel, very jolly – might annoy after a few hours!)


If you have some great ideas of your own, post a comment.




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