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Town Centres

Would you like to impact more on your retail vacancy rates?

  • Would you like your retailers to have beautiful stores, enticing window displays, exceptional customer service and cash tills that rang out?
  • Would you like local residents to support local business more?

Kerching Retail are working with Local Authorities, Town Centre Partnerships and Business Improvement Districts to achieve this.

The 24 successful BIDs for the Portas Pilot have £100,000 each to change the fortunes of their High Streets.  For the rest of the country more cost effective and grass root activity is required to make positive change.  This is where Kerching comes in.  For very little cost we can have a dramatic impact on your High Street performance.

We are successfully helping local businesses raise their game and attract more customers.  We are developing initiatives with local authorities and partnerships to attract more people to shop local.  Together we are putting an end to the decline in local commerce.

We're happy to talk about your challenges and offer some pragmatic solutions, we also can share what other Local Authorities have done.

Talk to us now.

Corin Birchall Founder Kerching Retail


We work with Local Authorities, Town Centre Partnerships and BIDs, to enlighten & educate retailers and in-turn drive improvements through their stores that draw and attract customers to them. We also educate and entice local residents to support their local businesses.

Kerching Retail have considerable experience growing independent and specialist retailers through difficult trading conditions. Our creative solutions and working practises with Town Centre Partnerships, BIDs and Local Authorities have ensured business flourished and town centres continue to attract customers through current tough climates.

Weekly workshops throughout 2011 and 2012 have trained and developed hundreds of independent and specialist retailers in the arts of creating exciting, attractive and engaging retail spaces for customers, combined with exceptional customer service.

We have created innovative tools, both physical and online, so that local authorities and BIDs can continue offering training and support long after our projects are completed.

What are the solutions?

  • High Street review
  • Retailer training and development
  • Business support
  • Business tools
  • Shop Specials
  • Changing consumer behaviour 
  • Advice and support on local incentive schemes

Town Centre Review

A popular solution for Town Teams & BIDs is the High Street Review.  This cost effective solution is an ideal starting point for a Town or City striving to improve the High Street.

Kerching visit your designated retail area and analyse every retailer through a traffic light system, making specific recommendations.

  • Red: Needing immediate assistance, are negatively impacting on the town or centre as a whole.
  • Amber: Would benefit from assistance.
  • Green: Are strong retailers and/or beacons for the town. 
The findings form the basis of a comprehensive report to drive positive change.  

New Business Support

Folder by Kerching for new retail businesses

If part of your solution is attracting new entrepreneurs to open retail businesses, our new business support pack could be ideal.
It is a support pack for new retail businesses, with everything they could need to help them get started.  We offer mentoring to support the pack, helping businesses to create business plans and plan their first 6 months of business.

Topics Include:

Business Plans, Marketing, Tax, Employment Law, Music Licenses, Trading Hours, Planning Laws, Social Media, Sales, Customer Service, Distance Selling, Insurance, Window Displays, Loyalty Cards, Data Protection, CCTV, Direct Mail, Shop Lifting, Food Safety and Sales Promotions.
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Shop Specials

Kerching have developed the UKs most sophisticated shop local scheme, currently running in Stratford City, London.

We have made it available to local Authorities, Bids and Town Teams FREE OF CHARGE!


Retail and Evening Trade Boot Camp

Need retailers and evening trade businesses up skilling.  This intensive workshop solution brings leading UK speakers to your town/city.

More info>

PoP-Up Shops

Pop-ups are a great movement to encourage potential retailers to try their hand at retailing.  We work with local authorities to build the infrastructure to house temporary retailers. 
Designing layout, fixtures, branding and compliance.
We can help your teams support these new businesses with mentoring. 

Next Step

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