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Retail Workshops for Town and City Centres

Support your town & city centre businesses  Retail workshops are a cost effective way to improve the skills of retail and leisure operators in a centre, resulting in increased conversion, average spend and retention of shoppers.  Stronger town/city centre businesses limit leakage of available spend (to the internet and neighbouring...
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Retailer Training Workshops

Below is an outline of the workshops we can deliver. Kerching can also meet your specific needs as a City, Town or Village, adapting a workshop to address local concerns – at no extra charge.  For example, supporting independent retail in response to new supermarket development.    How our workshops work?...
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Retail Workshop – Making your till sing!

Updated for 2017. "Make your till sing!" – A practical guide to getting your store and its people generating more sales! Based on the premiss that all businesses need to successfully attract, convert and retain customers to survive and thrive, Managing director of Kerching Retail – Corin Birchall, takes you...
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Mystery Customer Plus

“More than your typical mystery customer programme – we help you fix opportunities too!”   Mystery Customer PLUS Developed to meet a gap in the services offered by other mystery customer/secret shopper service providers, Kerching Retail have developed a new tool to support town centre businesses. Whilst many mystery customer...
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Retailer & Evening Trade Boot Camp

Three years ago, Kerching Retail launched another UK first at Stratford City, London.  A training 'boot camp' designed for retailers and evening trade businesses.  Now a popular tool for town and city centres to support their retail and leisur businesses.    What is it? 3-4 days back to back retail...
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