Stimulating the Senses

Stimulating the Senses

Through neuro-marketing research, that looks inside the brain when we make decisions, researchers have been able to pinpoint particular parts of the brain that are involved with making buying decisions.  It is now much clearer that the sub-conscious plays a very large role in purchase decisions.  The way we “feel” about a particular product or service can be the difference between buying or not.  

Smart retailers have recognised the link between our emotions, feelings and buying decisions, and use a process referred to as retail theatre to stimulate them.  Our 5 senses influence our emotions, whether its recalling a nostalgic piece of music when playing in a store, or having a scent transport us back 15 years to a particular holiday.  What is now clear is that retailers that utilise this approach have a head start against those that don’t.

So how can you use the senses to stimulate emotions in customers and what results can we expect.  When we refer to the senses, what do we mean?

We’ll look at each sense in turn.

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Corin Birchall is a Retail Sales & Marketing Consultant and founder of “Kerching Retail - helping to make your till ring”. His consultancy works throughout the UK and Europe. Corin is an active writer, coach and public speaker, helping to develop and grow a wide range of businesses & business leaders from Leisure and Retail sectors

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