Workshop are a cost effective way to support and develop large groups of retailers or staff.Corin Birchall Founder Kerching Retail

Lead retail consultant Corin Birchall has trained and developed hundreds of independent and specialist retailers, B2B and startups in the arts of creating exciting, attractive and engaging customer experiences in-store, online and over the phone.  Corin trains across the UK and Europe, speaking at industry events and keynote speaking.

Check out our wide range of workshops below to see which best suit your needs.  We often create bespoke workshops for our customers too.

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Don't just take our word for it, read some of the feedback from our recent workshops:

Alison & Mike Jackson-Bass: “Inspirational, imaginative ideas that are practical and easy to implement. Thought provoking, lots of positive, useful, do-able ideas.”

Kate Spencer: “Brilliant speaker. Thought provoking. Lots of ideas to go and try.”

NeilWilson: “Very revealing creating a lot of self analysis.”

Laura Bruty: “Lively and engaging – very useful and thought provoking.”

Judi Copley: “Excellent workshop, motivational and positive outlook. Realistic, practical tips.”

Andy Cartledge: “Well lead, technically proficient, good interaction and reaction to delegates.”

Sue Baker: “A real eye opener.”

Judy Young: “Very informative”

Robert & Dinah Mortimer:“Found it very useful. A lot to think about.”

Peter & Anne Isherwood: “Very useful and informative – well presented.”

NeilWard: “Very useful.”

Penny Whitney: “Some excellent new ideas.”

Coreen Saunders: “Thought provoking.

Hazel Smith: “Very motivating.”

Julie Hill: ”Really interesting with a lots of information.”

Andy Nisbett: “Inspirational, fresh outlook, good advice and tips.”

StellaWright: “Informative and interesting.”

Katie Hunter: “Excellent.”

Gill Haring: “Excellent.”

Rajinder Bhullar: “Very good, learnt a lot how to improve business.”

Dorethy Griffiths: “Absolutely excellent”

Andrea Jones: “Very interesting informative. The best one I’ve been on.”

Melanie Carroll: “Really energising and motivating. Really enjoyed the training.”

Richard Boreham: “Got so much more than I envisaged.”

Annie Rockley: “So much information all very relevant. Needs to be a longer course – perhaps a day. Thank you.”

John Greinel: “Excellent.”

Denise Mason: “Hit relevant issues, very professional.”

Mohammed Mirza: “An enjoyable evening – with tips I would never have thought of. Thank you.”

Chris Morphy: “Very informative. Sound Advise.”

Aoly Gamgoum: “All good ideas”

Trudy Burton: “Very informative – good ideas.”

Rob Hodges: “Very good, very informative, useful & insightful information.”

Tony McMurray: “Very informative.”

S Cowie: “Taught me that simple changes can make a big difference.“

Martin Czimmerl: “Created a desire to take action.”

Tracey: “Some very good ideas to take back to business.”

Joy Ledingham: “Very useful. Thank you”

Diane Martin: “Makes you think, very interesting and thought provoking.” 

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This presentation has been a real eye opener for me. I have taken lots of notes and will be taking a lots of ideas on board
C Hegarty - Country SportsAshby