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Kerching Retail specialise in training retail staff, with the skills needed to compete in 2017.  

  • Do you need your staff to close more sales in store?
  • Are you looking to support your retail partners with training?
  • Would you like to introduce the latest techniques and approaches to maximise each and every customer who enters your store?

We train retail sales staff across the UK and Europe.  Contact us today for more information.

However big or small your retail team is, we can help.  We can deliver training through a variety of mediums, digitally (through an eLearning platform), in-store in small workshops and large workforce seminars.

Fresh thinking to fit a new retail landscape.

Sales TrainingFew retail businesses can rely exclusively on facilitating sales only.  As retail competition has intensified, smarter organisations are looking to maximise the sales generated from shop floor or front of house teams, through improved selling skills.

Good retail selling skills can have a dramatic impact on a store's performance:

  • Increased conversion
  • Increased average spend
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved staff morale


We help retail organisations introduce, measure and manage selling skills across their store and store portfolios.

We do not create pushy or high pressure environments, quite the contrary.  Our unique approach to selling is designed to:

  • Make customers feel valued and at ease
  • Staff to become more customer focused 
  • Engage customers with compelling stories
  • Bring store team's expertise and knowledge (authority) to the fore

Contact us now for more information:

Tel: 01455 203 206

Tips and Advice on Retail Selling Skills

Retail consultancy Kerching Retail offer a collection of posts and srticles on developing retail selling skills in your retail business.

Add-on Sales

Instilliang an add-on behaviour in-store

Using Cialdini's 6x laws of persuassion in selling – Video

Selling to Retailers

Retail Selling TrainingIn a market in which buyers have become better informed than ever before, the role of a field sales team selling into retail has changed dramatically over the past decade.  

Is your sales team fully equipped to capitalise on this change?

Many of the organisations we are working with are being trained in the arts of:

  • Better understanding sell through – how to influence 'pull' rather than 'push'
  • Sophisticated selling techniques that retail buyers love
  • Better organised sales teams, utilising technology for maximum efficiency and slick presentation.

Contact us now for more information:

Tel: 01455 203 206


Recent Posts on Retail Selling

Is retail selling just about closing sales?

We train in the arts of retail selling.  I have spent over 10x years researching trends and best practise in the selling field.  If I had a £1 for every book or blog post on selling I have read, I probably wouldn't need to work for a year.

The initial enquiry for retail selling training commences with a conversation like this…

"I need the team to get better at closing sales.  Customers are coming in but many don't buy".

Corin Birchall Retail Selling ConsultantYou may be leaking customers to competitors, Internet resellers or non-direct competition for consumers disposable income. We understand why there is so much emphasis on the close – after all isn't that the stage of the interaction when a sale is made or lost?  


Well this is a little misleading. It is the part of the sale where we get immediate feedback on success or failure, but in our opinion it would be too simplistic to hang success exclusively on a poignant question, dramatic silence or assumptive close. 


Closing sales is a very important part of the selling process, of course, and skills to help retail sales people wrap up the sale without feeling pushy are very valuable.  Invariably as an inquiry to grow retail sales evolves, the emphasis of skills improvements moves towards what happens in the customer interaction leading up to that point. 

Why? When the entire customer encounter is skilfully choreographed closing a sale can become less of a focal point and more of a formality.


Retail experiences should be about product discovery; fun, learning, memorable, distinct and enjoyable – the sales element should be invisible however. Never consciously seen by the customer, just the vehicle by which these great products can now be taken home. 

How do we do it? …NUDGE. 

We 'Nudge' customers to make brilliant purchasing decisions. Decisions that leave them craving to come back and buy again. Talk to us about Nudging your customers today.

Tel: 01455 203 206 


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