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  • Are charity shops a good things for town centres?

    A guide for BIDs, place managers, town centre managers and local authority.   With over 10,500 charity shops trading on UK High Streets, Charity Retail is a core part of the High Street's makeup today Continue Reading

  • Add-on Sales Add-on Sales

    How to grow your sales with a simple add-on. Retail selling is often a delicate area.  Many retailers do not wish to create a pushy sales environment, yet seek to convert more shoppers or increase Continue Reading

  • 36 small retailer hacks to increase sales today. IMG_9787

    Need a sales boost? Retail Consultant and small business expert Corin Birchall offers 36 tips and tricks to turn a bad day around. Every business has good and bad days.  We teach our clients to Continue Reading

  • Summer Promotions Kerching-Retail-Blog-Summer-Promotions

    Now that summer is upon us, what can retailers do to ensure that customers still flood their stores? For some businesses the summer months are boom trading periods, for most it is a time where Continue Reading

  • Increase the number of Repeat Customers with these helpful tips Returning Customers getting customer back

    Retail expert Corin Birchall shares tips on increasing the number of repeat customers. If you are looking for ways to generate more business, you should think of your previous and current customers as potential brand Continue Reading

  • 3x ways to grow retail turnover

    A retailer has three key equations available to them, which can be manipulated to increase turnover. The three equations are conversion rate, average transaction value and frequency of purchase rate. Each of the equations can Continue Reading

  • Getting your staff to do add-on sales 246901_scientific_calculator

    In 10 seconds:   Use repetition and reward to create habits.  Only through constant reminders and praise will it become second nature.   In 2 mins: I hear it all the time, if only my Continue Reading

  • Shop-fitting & Fixtures

    Are there any standards I should follow when designing my store interior, or shall I just go to Ikea? This is a question we get asked often by startups.  Below is a simple overview of Continue Reading

  • Perceptual Contrast Car Perceptual Contrast

    It never ceases to amaze me, that however much I know or understand about our buying behaviours and persuasive drivers, I am still as susceptible to them as a blissfully unaware shopper, Why?  Because they Continue Reading

  • Music instore Music Instore Kerching

    Can the music you play in-store help create sales? Well yes it can, and if used intelligently music can create sales in your store too. There are a number of aspects we need to consider Continue Reading

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