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  • Add-on Sales Add-on Sales

    How to grow your sales with a simple add-on. Retail selling is often a delicate area.  Many retailers do not wish to create a pushy sales environment, yet seek to convert more shoppers or increase Continue Reading

  • Free – The price of free. Kerching_Retail_The_Price_of_Free

    Free is not another price and is not a zero price either.  Interestingly, you cannot buy something for free.  We get an emotional charge when something is free.  It is very hard to truly comprehend, Continue Reading

  • Internet shopping, what stops some customers from buying online? 1279664_10824501

    Although Online Shopping or internet shopping is Popular, Some UK Consumers are still uncomfortable Shopping Online It cannot be denied that the online shopping trends and consumer trends have grown a lot as of late.  Continue Reading

  • Getting online, the novice guide Kerching-retail-blog-getting-online

    Many independent retailers have aspirations to sell online, but underestimate the level of work or expertise required to have a successful online store. A website can work for you in two ways.   Attract customers Continue Reading

  • Creating World Class Customer Service

    Simple techniques to transform your store's customer experience into world calss customer experience. Many retail businesses would class their ‘service’ as being one of their unique selling points often referred to as their USP. When I Continue Reading

  • What is Digital Signage & In store Media Screens? What is digital signage kerching retail

    What is digital signage?   In a retail context, digital signage is a developing field in which traditional posters are replaced by screens showing slideshows or video content.  In simplistic terms a “TV replacing a Continue Reading

  • Music instore Music Instore Kerching

    Can the music you play in-store help create sales? Well yes it can, and if used intelligently music can create sales in your store too. There are a number of aspects we need to consider Continue Reading

  • Christmas Music for Garden Centres Garden_Centre_Christmas_Display_Vegetable_Garden_Theme

    Christmas Music We now have a good understanding how music can impact on our shopping behaviour.  We understand how music can stir emotions or bring back memories, how it can influence the speed in which Continue Reading

  • 3x ways to grow retail turnover

    A retailer has three key equations available to them, which can be manipulated to increase turnover. The three equations are conversion rate, average transaction value and frequency of purchase rate. Each of the equations can Continue Reading

  • Social media tips and tricks for retailers Social Media Tips

    We recently ran a workshop on social media for retailers, with tips and tricks to make the most of the various platforms, to drive engagement and turnover. Below are some of the useful resources from Continue Reading

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