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Corin Birchall Founder Kerching RetailOur Philosophy is simple, help retailers sell more products!

The game of retail remains the same, however the rules appear to have changed!

"We want to sell products or services for a profit, but now a customer has price information in the palm of their hand.  They can check stock availability and prices from all my competitors and every internet retailer in the world, how can we compete with that?"

Kerching Retail specialise in helping Independent and Specialist Retailers grow their business, during good and bad economic conditions.  We understand how tough it can be and how to cut through the fog to generate increases in turnover and profit.

Common statements from my clients at our first meeting:

  • "Get more people into the town and we can do the rest."
  • "Unless you can close all the supermarkets and turn off the internet, there is nothing we can do more."

Granted both comments would solve a lot of Independent Retailers problems, however we can still significantly grow your business despite the existence of supermarkets, internet retailing and falling numbers shopping locally.  Trust us, we do it every working day of the week!

We have a range of tools and products you can access that can help you along the way, we also offer regional workshops and 121 consultancy.

Our work includes:

  • Staff training
  • Management training
  • Strategy and repositioning
  • marketing
  • Store layout and design
  • Visual merchandising support

121 Consultancy

We ask three very pertinent questions:

  • How well does your store attract customers?
  • How well does your store convert customers (get them buying)
  • How well does your store retain its customers.

We have developed sophisticated programmes to help address these core elements of running a successful business.

Store Audit:

Typically our works starts with a 121 meeting with the business owner/manager followed by a store audit.  This will highlight the key areas of focus and where the greatest opportunity for growth exists.  Our observations from this meeting and visit form the basis for our subsequent report.  This report is comprehensive enough for you to go away and address the issues by yourself, as it includes the rationale, examples of best practise and specific suggestions to follow.

We do offer a range of additional services should you need support in driving the proposals through.

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