Retail Workshops for Town and City Centres

Retail Workshops for Town and City Centres

Retail workshops and trainingSupport your town & city centre businesses 

Retail workshops are a cost effective way to improve the skills of retail and leisure operators in a centre, resulting in increased conversion, average spend and retention of shoppers.  Stronger town/city centre businesses limit leakage of available spend (to the internet and neighbouring centres) and improve the local economy.

Even the most seasoned and experienced traders walk away from our two hour sessions inspired and motivated…yes even that retailer you are thinking of!  "Excellent!", "Brilliant", "Wish we had more time", "Great – Wonderful workshop", "Very informative" & "Brilliant"… in the past 7x years we have never received a negative review from our workshops, that said, if we did we would simply use it to get better anyway.  The previous comments are from a retail booster workshop in January 2017, Elmbridge.  Corin Birchall personally delivers all the retail workshops.    

Kerching can also meet your specific needs as a City, Town or Village, adapting a workshop to address local concerns – at no extra charge.  For example, supporting independent retail in response to new supermarket development, maximising opportunities of a forth coming event or riased concerns about poor footfall.  

The workshops are designed to support businesses that have a High Street presence.  This includes all retail and leisure businesses in the town and city centre.  

Click to Email: Corin Birchall for availability and prices.   Tel: 01455 203206

How our workshops work?

Delivered in a local venue selected by you, we deliver a 2 hour evening workshop in your city or town designed to upskill your local traders.

Typically paid for by local authority, BIDs or the FSB, the evening sessions are provided free of charge for local businesses to attend.

Our most popular workshops

Kick Start 2017: Q1 is the perfect time to reflect on previous successs and plan your marketing and activity for the coming year.  Best suited for delivery in Q1 (Jan/Feb/Mar).  Includes: Marketing Calendars, Seasonality, National Awareness Days, Planning ahead, Retail marketing best practise, Tips and Tricks to make 2017 your best year yet. 

Retailing in a Downturn Workshop Kerching Retail70x Tips and Tricks 'Retail Booster':  Our most popular workshop, 2 hours jam packed with 70x tips and tricks to drive turnover, increase footfall, increase average spend and repeat custom.  From windows, layout, hotspots, pricing strategy, loyalty, stimulating the senses, and driving average spend through placement and point of sale.   

The Best Christmas Workshop in world ever! Part II: The Christmas period remains the most impoirtant in the calendar for many retailing businesses.  This workshop ensures the seasona is maximised, learning from the most successful retailers on the planet.  How to market effectively when there is so much noise, creating memorable retail experiences that customers fall over themselves to visit, maximising every transactional opportunity, building on the traffic for the following year.

Digital Marketing for Retail:  We all know we should be using social media, emails and websites to drive footfall and repeat spend, but are we doing it right?  A packed 2 hours exploring which is the right platform to use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Snapchat) to attract custom and what to do once you are one it.  Learning for small business trail-blazers in the retail sector, the session shares practical tips and tricks to get your digital marketing working much harder for you.

Sales and Customer Service Skills for Retailers:  Every day sales drip through the fingers of ill-equipped retail sales staff.  Sales and customer service skills are essentual to maximise every opportunity in the store.  Kerching simple 'Nudge Selling' process has been used to train some of the most successful retail teams across the UK and Europe.  Learn how to build rapport fast, identify opportunities and maxismise them whilst giving the customers an exceptional retail experience.  This session is ideal for developing shop floor teams as well and store owners and management. 

MIRC ConferenceCompeting with Online Retail: Whilst online sales still represent less than 13% of all retail purchases, its rapid growth is definately impacting High Streets.  Some retail sectors have been challenged to offer customers a tangible and worthwhile incentive to visit a store, rather than click and buy on thier mobiles.  This session helps stores gain clarity on how to distinguish themselves and create a store 'worth' visiting – by focusing making a unique value proposition out of all the things you cannot yet do online.  

Trading through Brexit:  The true impact of the UKs decision to exit Europe is yet to be felt on the High Street.  Increased prices are expected to hit the shelves of large nationals in Q1 of 2017.  Smaller stores have seen price increases already.  Whilst we cannot accurately predict what this will mean in terms of weekly turnover for independents, we can prepare to mitigate any fallout.   This session looks at creative waya we can bolster our defenses should Brexit hit the shopping behaviours of UK people.

Window Display and Visual Merchandising Masterclass:  1:4 sales can be attributed to window displays across the retail sector, yet many independents don't know how to leverage this 'billboard by their front door'.  The skills of Visual Merchandisiers and Window Dressers are highly sort after by large department stores, because they know it generates sales.  Learn the skills of some of the best visual merchandisers and how skillfully dressed windows can improve the appearance of a town, generate footfall and impulse sales. 

New for 2017: The Retail Xperience.  Now considered to be the no1 factor distinguishing retail brands, the 'Experience' must be carefully crafted and masterfully managed to wow custmers and keep them coming back.  From how you present yourself to the way customers are engaged – this workshop will help you build a store so memorable and distinct – customers can't wait to come back. 

Workshops that work well together

Kick Start 2017 (Q1), 70x Tips and Tricks (Q2), Best Christmas (Q3)

70x Tips and Tricks (Month 1), Digital Marketing for Retail (Month 2), Sales & Customer Service Skills (Month 3)

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Kerching Retail.  Tel: 01455 203 206


Feedback from recent attendees

Don't just take our word for it, see what previous attendees to Corin's workshops have said:

Alison & Mike Jackson-Bass: “Inspirational, imaginative ideas that are practical and easy to implement. Thought provoking, lots of positive, useful, do-able ideas.”

Kate Spencer: “Brilliant speaker. Thought provoking. Lots of ideas to go and try.”

Neil Wilson: “Very revealing creating a lot of self analysis.”

Laura Bruty: “Lively and engaging – very useful and thought provoking.”

Judi Copley: “Excellent workshop, motivational and positive outlook. Realistic, practical tips.”

Andy Cartledge: “Well lead, technically proficient, good interaction and reaction to delegates.”

Sue Baker: “A real eye opener.”

JudyYoung: “Very informative”

Robert & Dinah Mortimer:“Found it very useful. A lot to think about.”

Peter & Anne Isherwood: “Very useful and informative – well presented.”

NeilWard: “Very useful.”

Penny Whitney: “Some excellent new ideas.”

Coreen Saunders: “Thought provoking.

Hazel Smith: “Very motivating.”

Julie Hill: ”Really interesting with a lots of information.”

Andy Nisbett: “Inspirational, fresh outlook, good advice and tips.”

StellaWright: “Informative and interesting.”

Katie Hunter: “Excellent.”

Gill Haring: “Excellent.”

Rajinder Bhullar: “Very good, learnt a lot how to improve business.”

Dorethy Griffiths: “Absolutely excellent”

Andrea Jones: “Very interesting informative. The best one I’ve been on.”

Melanie Carroll: “Really energising and motivating. Really enjoyed the training.”

Richard Boreham: “Got so much more than I envisaged.”

Annie Rockley: “So much information all very relevant. Needs to be a longer course – perhaps a day. Thank you.”

John Greinel: “Excellent.”

Denise Mason: “Hit relevant issues, very professional.”

Mohammed Mirza: “An enjoyable evening – with tips I would never have thought of. Thank you.”

Chris Morphy: “Very informative. Sound Advise.”

Aoly Gamgoum: “All good ideas”

Trudy Burton: “Very informative – good ideas.”

Rob Hodges: “Very good, very informative, useful & insightful information.”

Tony McMurray: “Very informative.”

S Cowie: “Taught me that simple changes can make a big difference.“

Martin Czimmerl: “Created a desire to take action.”

Tracey: “Some very good ideas to take back to business.”

Joy Ledingham: “Very useful. Thank you”

Diane Martin: “Makes you think, very interesting and thought provoking.” 

Contact Us

Kerching Retail.  Tel: 01455 203 206


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Written by

Corin Birchall is a Retail Sales & Marketing Consultant and founder of “Kerching Retail - helping to make your till ring”. His consultancy works throughout the UK and Europe. Corin is an active writer, coach and public speaker, helping to develop and grow a wide range of businesses & business leaders from Leisure and Retail sectors

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