We have extensive experience in retail

A lifetime in retailTraining Toy Dept Staff at Harrods

Retail is at the heart of everything we do.  POS and POP Design, Store Design and Retail Training.

A lifetime in retail has resulted in experience across various sectors; from leisure, catering, music retail, global electronic brands, luxury retailing, department stores, garden centres, concessions, international shows and specialist retail.  We have successfully developed our own retail operations, from conception to international roll-out of 500+ stores.

Much innovation happens in leading UK retailers, we are fortunate to have gained experience working with retail beacons like Harrods, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Virgin Megastores, Leekes, Ideal Home Show, Co-op, Beatties, Dunhelm Mill and Halfords, plus international music brand Roland Corporation.

Sharing Knowledge

It is one thing to experience retail at various levels, the gift is transferring this experience into digestible advice and support for independent and specialist retailers, which is our talent.

We take pride in our style, approach and coaching skills.

Understanding retail

Having lived retail, we understand the challenges that specialist and independent retailers face. How a sunny day can kill footfall, how competition from the internet and supermarkets can erode your profit margins.  We have worked hard to develop practical solutions, that can be implemented with minimal investment.

We make your till ring!

This is more than a strap line, it drives everything we do with our clients.  Read our case studies and testimonials to see that no stone is left unturned until your business grows, profitably.

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