Specialist retail consultancy supporting the musical instrument retail sector.

Supporting the Music Retail Sector?Corin Birchall Founder Kerching Retail

For over 20 years our founder Corin Birchall has worked within the retail sector.  From shop floor sales, to Account Management for Roland, through consultancy to the trade and its organisations. Corin and Kerching can support Music Retail in the following ways:

  • Keynote speaker
  • Staff Training
  • Strategic Advice
  • Store Design
  • POP and Point of Sale Design

MIRC ConferenceKeynote Speaker:

Corin's reputation as an entertaining, engaging and motivational keynote speaker has earned him regular spots at industry events.

Staff Training:

image3In-store Corin's impact can be felt helping to develop music retail staff.  Turning staff into stellar Sales-Machines, Delivering World Class Customer Service and getting the physical store to sell for you, through improved Visual Merchandising – are all sessions delivered regularly.  The style is fast paced, witty and punchy, and whether staff are dragged in at 8am or stay after work for a session "they love it!". "I'll often be called in and asked to help with closing techniques, but you quickly realise there are a host of skills and techniques store staff can introduce in music retail that convert more customers and increase average spend – whilst the customer grins from ear to ear!" Corin Birchall.  "Just because a guy has worked in the store for 10 years, does not necessary mean they are a great sales person – we can all learn new skills and improve performance." Corin recently wrote the training modules for MIRTAS, the UK's music retail apprenticeship programme.  A country wide scheme to improve the quality of skills in the sector.

Strategic Advice:

Kerching work with hundreds of retail businesses.  It is common that these businesses hit a ceiling at some point.  Whether this ceiling is due to the skills and knowledge of the owners –  as the business landscape changes, or as growth limits their direct influence over every decision.  Kerching help break through the ceiling and position the business to drive forwards, ensuring the staff are onboard and pulling in the same direction.

Store Design:

Giving musicians reasons to come to stores is essential if we want local representation of music products.  The internet offers immediacy and convenience for shoppers to browse and compare at their leisure, but is limited to the browser the device uses in terms of 'experience'.  Creating in-store experiences are essential for the future survival of the sector. imageCorin Birchall Reading Designs IMG_7482Corin designs entire stores, shop in shops, window displays, advises on store layout and POP to musical instrument manufacturers and retailers.

Some background:

Founder Corin Birchall has extensive experience working within and for the Music Retail sector. Initially working on the shop floor for one of the UKs largest music retailers, Corin progressed to Pro Audio and Mail Order teams, before leaving to join Roland. During his time at Roland, Corin developed a new appreciation for the specialist retail sector selling B2B across the UK. His role developed to key account management, always focusing on the branches and/or sell through, ensuring the product was pulled through the channel not just loaded into a dealer's warehouse. Corin joined the senior management team at Roland, as Retail Sales and Marketing Manager. In 2000 Corin designed, implemented and subsequently managed the concept known as 'Roland Planets'. For 10 years Corin managed the Planet team and Concession business helping with the global roll-out of Roland shop in shops to 500+ sites. Since 2010 Corin has focused on store design, marketing & training for the sector.

Why should you ask Kerching Retail to help you?

We understand music retail, but we are not limited in our thinking to what music retailers do. We use our experience working with and studying the best retailers on Earth and share this learning with music retailers. Whether a one-man operation, regional, national chain or global online retailer. We can help with strategy and repositioning, improving in store presentation and visual merchandising, sharpening your marketing, staff training and management development.

Connect with Corin Birchall:

Do get in touch, I'd be happy to explore ways we can help or sign post you in the right direction.  We also have a music retail tips and tricks newsletter we send out, I'd be happy to share with you and your team. info@kerchingretail.com twitter.com/corin_kerching Tel: (UK) 01455 203206


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