Music instore

Music instore

Can the music you play in-store help create sales?

Well yes it can, and if used intelligently music can create sales in your store too.

There are a number of aspects we need to consider when selecting music to play in our store:

  • Is it background music
  • Is it music within a display – feature music
  • What genre of music
  • Tempo of music
  • Whether to play the radio or MP3s/CDs.

We will over the next few posts explore each of these areas in a little more detail, firstly let us explore the level to which music can influence our buying decisions.

Can music change our behaviour in store, or kore specifically, could a particular piece of music get us to buy a particular product?

A study by professors at Leicester University alternated between French and Germany style music in the wine aisle of a super market, to measure the impact on product choice. The affect was remarkable, with sales of Germany wine to French being 2:1 when Germany umpah music played, and a staggering 3:1 when French music played. As impressive as this was, customers surveyed at the door had no recollection of being consciously influenced by music at all.

Could the style of music impact on our perceptions of taste?

The experiment was taken further by the professors, examining whether there was a correlation between Classical music and Pop music on the price customers were prepared to pay. The results seems predictable now, with classical music driving sales of a higher priced bottle – but it is still fascinating that we are influenced to such an extent by the music we hear, consciously or subconsciously.

The link below is an extract from a test done to see if the style of music impacted on the taste of a bottle of wine. Again the results demonstrate a direct correlation between the style of music and whether a wine was deemed more powerful, refined, refreshing or mellow. This was more notable with red wine, with an average perceived shift in flavour of 42.25%.

Read the followup articles for more examples of music influencing our shopping behaviour.

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Corin Birchall is a Retail Sales & Marketing Consultant and founder of “Kerching Retail - helping to make your till ring”. His consultancy works throughout the UK and Europe. Corin is an active writer, coach and public speaker, helping to develop and grow a wide range of businesses & business leaders from Leisure and Retail sectors

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