How to create a window display.

How to create a window display.

Window display tips

Attracting customers into your store is where retailing begins. National chains spend big money on window displays, why?  Because they understand their value. A great window display can draw customers into your store in their droves.  

1:4 sales can be directly attributed to your windows.

Window displays are one area in particular where independent retailers can fall short.  A nice pretty display that 'Janet takes care of' is likely to be dainty, but highly ineffective at driving traffic into your store.  Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your windows.

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High Impact

As consumers we must make quick decisions about a store's suitability from the window display.  Does it sell my type of products, is it within my price range, would I be embarrassed being seen entering this store even. 


I often get my clients to think to think of their windows as a paid billboard. If you were renting that billboard space in its current location, what would you put on it.  A big bold message, it would fill the space – not just the bottom third, it would be visible to pedestrians and passing vehicles, and would contain a specific theme, offer or call to action.



They say less is more, yet we still pile our plates high at the carvers counter, and fill our windows with as much product as we can fit. 

Three layers

A technique shared with me by a top London window dresser was the concept of 3 layers.  She would apply this technique to all projects she approached.  Layer 1 would be vinyls or decals on the glass.  This layer can communicate text well, and frame the scene.  Layer 2 would contain the products or props used for the scene.  Finally layer 3 would be a backdrop.  9x times out of 10 a backdrop would be used to contextualise the scene and to limit dilution from inside the store. 

Tell a story

A technique often adopted by skilled marketeers or salespeople is to tell a story. Unlike most marketing or sales pitches – which our brains filter out- stories have the ability to cut through and touch our emotions. Perhaps this is use in part to the fact that we have survived on this planet by 

sharing stories. 

Stock up

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If you intend to focus on a particular product in your window, ensure you have good stocks to fulfil demand. It would be a wasted opportunity if customers come in and can't buy. 


Is not only an essential ingredient in the store, but also in your window displays.  Lighting can ensure your window is bright and easy to see, but also lighting can draw your eyes to a particular part of the window or product on display. 

Themes and seasonality

I am a big fan of Themes and seasonality in windows, they communicate something bigger and broader than the specific products on display.  In the event that a potential customer doesn't like your particular products on display, a theme or seasonal display can still stimulate a reason to come into the store. 


Get creative

We like to be excited and amazed as consumers.  When was the last time you saw something completely amazing in a store window, that you had to tell your friends all about it. It doesn't happen very often, which is great news as it means you have a golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

Finally it shouldn't be considered as a monthly chore, but your primary marketing activity for the month. Few activities will have more impact on your store traffic on a monthly basis as your window display will.  

The Window Display Checklist 

  • Design on paper before you start on the window.Window Displays - 70
  • Big & Bold – To be visible from a distance
  • Minimal stock featured in display – Easier for customer to digest
  • Movement and light – to draw the eye
  • Change frequently – to maintain interest
  • Have a strong theme
  • Introduce a call to action – get customers to do something
  • Incorporate layers into your design
  • Use props – add context and position products at eye level

Window display guide click here

Window Examples

Check examples of our window display photo library below:

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